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SAFE SERVICING | Safe Lockout, Safe Maintenance & Repair

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If you need servicing for your safe, 24/7 pro locksmith is the place to call. We are certified with many of the safe manufacturers to provide you the best and most knowledgeable service available.

When a dial starts to stick or gets hard to turn, that is a red flag that your safe needs to be serviced. Don’t wait until it’s too late!!! A regularly-scheduled service agreement is much more affordable then a safe lock-out. We can also upgrade your existing safe to electronic keypad locks. We offer safe servicing, combination changes, repairs and moving (relocating) of your safes.

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The importance of having a safe in Phoenix

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Protecting your valuables and vital records from fire or theft is serious business. A basic locking cabinet can secure valuable papers or personal items but it will not protect them from theft or fire damage. Only safes can provide a superior level of protection for documents, jewelry, guns and personal items.

Home and business security systems require the addition of security safes to eliminate the possibility of data and document loss due to fire. The proliferation of home robberies are classified as “snatch and grab.” The intruder invests approximately 3-5 minutes within the home. The very presence of a home security safe is a deterrent to such robberies.

24/7 pro locksmith specializes in a large inventory of wall safes, fire safes, gun safes, and electronic digital safes. Home safes are a perfect compliment to any home security system. Fire could destroy your business! In fact, eight businesses burn almost every hour in the U.S. resulting in over 2.3 billion dollars in annual losses. Unfortunately, seven out of ten businesses have not adequately protected their vital records.

When that information is destroyed a business often fails. Don’t become a company that incurs fire damage resulting in critical loss of data (customer, personnel, accounting files, etc.) by not utilizing quality fire and data media safes. Survival is possible but preparation is necessary.

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Rekey Locks Phoenix Arizona

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Do you really know who has keys to your home or business? Have you had your keys lost/stolen lately? Have you moved or has someone moved out? Have you fired an employee? Has someone quit without returning the keys? Do you want all your locks to use the same key? What does it mean to rekey? When you rekey your existing locks you change the pins inside to accept a different key. It is like changing the combination. We can rekey your locks for ease of use and added security.why not get the piece of mind from making your locks resistant to this burglary technique?

How old are the locks on your home or business? We offer modern high security locks including keyless entry! Beautify your home or business with modern styles and finishes.For real security and piece of mind keep your valuables stored in a burglar/fire rated safe.

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Need a House Lock Change?

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If you find yourself in the same situation as April from Scottsdale, wanting to keep out exes or uninvited guests, call 24/7 pro locksmith now and one of our trained technicians will be on his way.

Remember: We are here to help any time and we cover the whole Phoenix Metropolitan.

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